Can Adding Milk To Your Tea Keep Your Teeth Looking White?

Dairy fans, time to do a little celebratory dance! A study has found that adding a little milk to your tea can prevent your teeth from staining. "Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world, and the way it's processed affects how teeth are stained," said Dr Ava Chow, of University of Alberta's School of Dentistry. "The more the tea is processed or oxidized, the higher its staining properties are. But we've found that the addition of milk to tea reduces the tea's ability to stain teeth." Tea has tannins. They are dark in colour and have the potential to stain. Dr. Chow found that the casein in milk binds to the tannins and prevents the staining. [bctt tweet="Can Adding Milk To Your Tea Keep Your Teeth Looking White?"] Dr. Chow used extracted human teeth in her study -- excluding those with fillings, cracks or signs of tooth decay. She analyzed and recorded the colour of the teeth, and then put them into either tea or tea with milk for 24 hours. She then recorded the colour of the teeth again.

"The results we found showed that casein is the component of milk that is responsible for the reduction of tea-induced staining," Dr Chow said. "The magnitude of the colour change observed in our experiments is comparable to the colour change seen by vital bleaching products and more effective than whitening toothpastes."

You know what else, drinking tea with milk would be a whole lot cheaper than buying products and expensive treatments! With all the other health benefits of tea, this might be something worth considering! Do you think Dr. Chow is onto something here? Is this enough to get you to add a splash of milk to your tea? Don't forget to nourish your body from the inside out with a healthy, balanced diet. The BodyRock Meal Plan is the perfect place to start. Source: Daily Mail  

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