Can You Eat Out and Still Lose Weight?

So after my article last week about how a meal at Olive Garden can run you 2,000 calories with twice the amount of daily recommended sodium and trans fat, I was more than just a little dubious when I came across this article about a new London restaurant.  It promises to be the dieter's dream come true.  A three course meal totaling 500 calories. article-2541184-1ABBDC2C00000578-322_634x474 Its offered at The Balcon and its a part of the London-baxed Sotitel St. James hotel group?  Not only does the food come in low in calories but the meal choices sound amazing.   There's a baked tomato filled with tuna mousse on cucumber tartar, seared Cornish sea bass fillet with turnips and carrots and beetroot, and then a delicious desert of molten mango cake with a light coconut ice cream. article-2541184-1ABBD75500000578-645_634x633 There are over 300 low calorie meals that have been developed and are available across the hotel chain.  Instead of using high-fat ingredients chefs opt for using strong flavors and spices and cook by steaming or poaching instead of frying.  All for sending Lisa to try this place out?? I love the idea that good healthy food can also be extraordinarily delicious.  American culture especially has lost the enjoyment of a delicately prepared meal.  Imagine the change in culture that would take place if restaurants sought to emulate this behavior.  Flavors are augmented and enhanced instead of being cooked over and vegetables can be delicious again. So any of our London based BodyRockers up for trying this restaurant?  

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