Can An Hour At The Beach Relieve Headaches Better Than Painkillers?

Here's a great excuse to get some much needed sun and sand! It has actually been proven that hitting the beach can have some major health benefits! beach Being at the beach can provide a mini-vacation from stress, anxiety and pressure. The relaxing sound of the waves and healing warmth of sunlight has been shown to reduce headaches, nearly as well as popping an ibuprofen. That's not all! One study of over 12,000 participants concluded that those who took to the beach frequently in the summer months were 32% less likely to die of cardiovascular problems. The vitamin D produced by all that summer sunshine can also have an effect on your mood, making you more positive, energized and generally happy. The sunshine vitamin is a disease fighter and can even strengthen your bones and teeth. Many of us are deficient in this vitamin due to living in less sunny climates, so get your fix when you can! Taking a dip in the water can detoxify your skin by helping to open up your pores and flush out impurities. Not to mention the playful activity of swimming can improve your mood and relax your mind. One more awesome health benefit from the beach? It's a great place to workout! The sand provides natural resistance, which burns more calories. Plus there are tons of other exercises to choose from: paddle boarding, frisbee, volleyball. What are your favourite beach activities? Share your unique ways of staying fit at the beach!  

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