Can We Just Kill This Thigh Gap Conversation Already?

So when all of this thigh gap stuff started popping up, people immediately took sides and got offended. That's what the internet is for after all. People were mad if they had one and didn't want one, didn't have one and wanted one, had one and wanted one and didn't have one and didn't want one. Basically, everyone with legs was offended. I personally don't get it. I've never looked at someone who had a thigh gap and thought they were more or less attractive. Similarly, I've never looked at a person who didn't have a thigh gap and thought they were more or less attractive. I understand attraction is a personal preference, but it just seems like a strange quality to like or dislike.  And apparently the individuals at College Humour agree. The video below is not informative in any way, but makes fun of the situation. And so it should be. Why does it matter if someone does or doesn't have a thigh gap? I'll tell you - it doesn't. "So why are you bringing it up now BodyRock if you don't want to talk about it?" Because even though we're sick of hearing about it, doesn't mean it's not having negative effects. Young women are OBSESSED with the thigh gap. Having one, not having one, whatever. Regardless of what the fixation is, obsessing over changing your body is not healthy. We need to stop this conversation but not ignore why it started. We need to teach each other to love our bodies. Strive for health and fitness - not obscure milestones. So lets settle this once and for all. People that have thigh gaps are beautiful. People that don't have thigh gaps are beautiful. Having one does not imply you are anorexic. Just like not having one does not imply you are overweight. The gap between your thighs is more related to your bone structure than your body mass. Now...can the internet just shut up and get back to watching cat videos already?    

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