Can A Married Man Flirt With Another Woman Without An Ulterior Motive?

What happens when you stumble on a flirty text or email exchange between your man and another woman? For many, it is time to panic. It must mean he's sleeping with her or at the very least, it must mean he wants to. But not necessarily. First, let's be honest. Like, really honest. Just because you're in a marriage (or whatever your equivalent relationship status may be) does not mean that you stop being a sexual person. And sometimes, that means noticing other people. That doesn't necessarily mean cheating nor does it necessarily indicate a desire to cheat. When these moments happen, take a second for a relationship check up. Perhaps he likes the attention. Perhaps they, as friends, share an interest or work in related fields and he's enjoying the fact that she talks to him. We humans can be vain creatures from time to time. He may think highly of her for any number of reasons, maybe she's beautiful, successful, smart or a combination of the bunch and you know what, it is flattering to be desired by someone like that. He may want her to want him because it makes him feel good. If someone that awesome wants him, it tells him there is something special about him too. And this doesn't mean he doesn't think the world of you or that you don't make him feel special. She's just an extra woman who thinks he's special. Obviously that is just an example but if it is something that bothers you, talk to him about it. Don't grill him. Don't interrogate him. Talk to him. Hear him out (I'm assuming your relationship is free from other cheater red flags). It may really be something as simple as she validated him. This isn't a knock on you, or your relationship. It is part human nature and partly something he required emotionally in that moment. Maybe there are problems in your relationship you didn't notice, and you want to know what they are? Communicating is the best way to find out what's really going on. Flirting doesn't mean he's stepped out on you. And definitely doesn't mean he wants to step out on you. Every time you smile and laugh a little with the clerk at the grocery store, you aren't think about actually stepping out on your relationship. It can be the same for him too. Until he has given you absolute reason to mistrust him, give him room on this one. What do you think? Can an attached man flirt with another woman without having ulterior motives? h/t: Men's Health

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