Can THIS Common Food Reduce Your Risk Of Breast Cancer?

Many of us have been reaping the health benefits of this common food lately. I always include it in my salads, stir fries and countless other dishes. But it could be hiding a secret in it's many nutritional benefits that means something very big to women. I'm talking about olive oil. It's rich in good-for-you fats and promotes strong, lustrous hair and radiant skin. But olive oil also has another property within it that could reduce your risk of breast cancer. In a new scientific study, women ages 60 to 80 were followed over the course of five years. Each woman was instructed to eat 1 of 3 very specific diets which focused on different nutrients. The first diet was a Mediterranean diet that included lots of extra virgin olive oil. The second was a similar diet that swapped EVOO for nuts. And the third was a regular low-fat diet. After five years, the olive oil eaters had a remarkably lower risk of malignant breast cancer. Compared to their dieting counterparts, the EVOO women reduced their cancer risk factor by 68%. On top of that, they also nearly canceled out their risks of Parkinson's disease, heart disease and Alzheimer's. Their body mass indexes were also slimmer than the other participants, simply by pouring this miracle food over their salads and pastas. What are your thoughts? Do you include EVOO in your diet? Source: Elite Daily

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