Can This Unique Therapy Really Burn 800 Calories In 3 Minutes?

No exercise, no changes to diet, and you can still burn 800 calories in under 5 minutes? That is the promise this unique makes to people looking to shed pounds fast and easy. Cryotherapy uses the science of cold temperatures to regulate your immune system, relieve muscle pain and skin problems. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Demi Moore swear by this treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite and trigger weight loss by boosting metabolic rate. demi moore In the Greek language, cryo means cold and therapy means cure. Popular spas have clients (clothed in only their bikinis) enter the cold cure chambers full of liquid nitrogen that reach between -120º C to -180º C. After a few minutes, the clients emerge and begin a series of warm-up exercises such as cycling on a stationary bike and stretching. As impressive as the claims of fast weight loss and dramatic health improvements are, does it really work? Is it worth freezing your booty off to drop some pounds? While many participants have found an instant rush of energy and feeling of rejuvenation once completing a cryo-session, there is no proof that the treatment has health, weight loss or beauty benefits in the long term. But the instantaneous change in mood after an icy few minutes is enough to keep spa clients coming back. Have you ever received cryotherapy? Would you endorse it's weight loss properties? Source: Z Living  

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