You Can Be A Woman And Talk About Sex (Trust Me)

Sex is great fun. I think on that, we can all agree. And yet, sex is seen as taboo. We seem to be afraid of it in so many ways. It is the most naturally thing we can do, why wouldn't we talk about it too? Let's open a dialogue. Let's stop demonizing it. First, if we don't talk about sex, we won't learn about it. I had a nice, quiet Catholic school upbringing. I was taught about sex but it wasn't discussed much and I can't say I really 'learned' anything. Flash forward to my early 30s and I was spending a bunch of my spare time hanging around my friend's "specialty shop." Women (and men) would come in and openly discuss their sexual preferences. They were looking for toys, costumes, lubes, generally sexy fun thing-- all of which required their honesty before my friend could help. At first, I was mortified. I couldn't imagine! And then I became envious. What a glorious freedom it must be to openly discuss your body and what it desires. The more I learned to speak up, to read up, to engage in conversation, the more I learned to enjoy my sexuality. It seems to be a little more acceptable for men to talk about sex. They can joke, they can share details. They can discuss. And no one calls them names for it. Overall, their characters don't take a hit the way a woman's might. But here's the thing, ladies, if we all speak up, if we all get labeled tramps, than none of us are tramps. Know what I'm saying? And like sex isn't a totally interesting topic! If you take discussions of sex off the table, then you wipe out a whole host of human stories and curiosities. Sex is the one thing we all, more or less, have in common. Doesn't it stand to reason it would be a common ground conversation piece? I'm not necessarily advocating standing up at Sunday brunch with your mother and telling her all the details of your last session between the sheets but don't be afraid to talk about it once in a while. Have you ever noticed that women who talk about sex are less anxious about their sex? They don't worry if they are normal. They don't worry if their partner is normal. They don't spend hours on the internet searching for information about their particular sexual habits. By talking, they normalize all of it. Sometimes, they get answers. Sex isn't scary. It isn't shameful. Just because it is private doesn't mean you can't open up about it. Try it, I think you'll find it can change your life. h/t: Elite Daily Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_98338" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat snapcode @BodyRockTV[/caption]  

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