Can You Workout Your Worries?

It's a good thing that I was told from a very young age that life isn't fair. Lately, the universe has thrown a giant heap of crap on some of the people closest to me.  I'm not going to share the details, but I'm maxed out on all fronts.  For the last 3 months I've been juggling work, home, & study responsibilities all while carrying a ton of worry with me.  I worry over things that I think I have influence over, but mostly over things beyond my control.  How many of us do this routinely? You know what?  All of that worrying is making me sick.  After 3 separate weird illnesses, I finally figured out that worrying is taking a toll on my health.  I don't sleep enough, I don't eat as healthy as usual, & I haven't had the energy to workout like I normally do.  In the past, exercise has always been an amazing coping mechanism for me.  Post-breakup(s) I found solace in the gym or running in the evening.  When my family moved out of state, I formed great friendships while hiking.  Bad news?  I'd go for a run & think things over.  As a student I relieved stress by climbing stairs on my lunch break.  Fitness has always been a reliable method for me to turn negative energy into something positive.  Why wouldn't I rely on it now? This morning I uncharacteristically woke an hour early (on purpose) and worked out.   I wasn't excited & may have cussed a little, but for the rest of the day I felt great.  Do I still have all of the concerns and worries I mentioned?  Of course, but when I make time to take care of myself, I am better equipped to handle what's coming my way, good or bad. How has fitness helped you in ways other than looking better in your clothes or feeling stronger? Quick Stress-Busting Workout 2-4 rounds  (1 round = 100 reps) If you want to increase the intensity, add more rounds, jump rope, or convert the workout to HIIT (set your timer for 10 sec rest/50 sec work for 15 rounds = 15 min workout).  Make sure to warm-up & cool-down! 20 per leg: 1-leg side step up to bench/stair/ledge + opposite side leg lift I held a 10# kettle ball on the same side I stepped up with (beginners - omit the kettleball) 20 Decline bench push-ups (feet on a bench) (beginners - do regular push-ups) 20 Crab toe touches 20 Kettleball or sandbag swings (2-handed) (beginners - do regular squats) Image Source: Workout originally posted for in April 2012.

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