Candice Swanepoel's Bikini in Brazil

Candice Swanepoel is one of Victoria’s Secret leading ladies and she certainly didn’t disappoint her large instagram followers while on a stay in Brazil. article-2541858-1AC5D73900000578-812_634x620 She has an amazing body and it’s great to see pictures of such a nice warm place...but truly, something to remember is that she’s paid to have her body in tip top shape.  She’s amazing inspiration and she looks flawless but it’s also her job.   article-2540910-1AB9269D00000578-970_634x440 There’s always going to be celebrities who look amazing and models who jaunt off to Brazil for photoshoots and relaxing on the beach.  But you’re also a normal person with a normal life with normal demands on your time. article-2540910-1AB926CF00000578-290_634x682 Use Candice as inspiration for change, but remember that the change is coming from you and your body.  Love it, embrace it, and work along with it.

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