Candy Cane Infused Vodka

I came across this delicious recipe from none other than Betty Crocker (who knew!). The holidays are up and coming and I am choosing this as the perfect (and easy!) DIY gift for my friends for Christmas: their very own jar of candy cane vodka! 578653_435433513244518_1941112797_n Here is how to make your own:
  1. Choose your vodka. Avoid cheap vodka at all costs! The bite will hide the flavor of the peppermint. Personally, I love Grey Goose.
  2. Choose a good jar.  Avoid plastic and stick with an air tight glass jar or bottle. I love Ball mason jars and will be using these!
  3. Add your flavor in the jar. Whether you are using Skittles, peppermints, chocolate, or fruit, the infusion is all pretty much the same process.
  4. Sit & wait. Your flavored vodka will develope over time and it is best to give it a few days to really get the most of it. Open the jar from time to time to stir. Or, as I like to do, shake it!
  5. Strain it. Using a small meshed strainer, strain any remaining bits or pieces that has not dissolved in your vodka. Place the flavored vodka back in the jar for storage.
  6. Serve & Enjoy!
578653_435433513244518_1941112797_n Recipe & photo source: Betty Crocker For more goodness and holiday DIY projects, come visit my blog by double clicking the link below! URLSmall    

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