Can't Hold Us (real time workout)

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  It's that time of year again when the weather is cold and we put on our winter coats...I mean that literally and figuratively!  The holiday season has us eating all of the lovely food at all the holiday parties.  We generally pack on a few extra pounds, but are able to hide it under our over sized sweaters.   New Year's resolutions are about to be made and they are usually made with the intention to lose weight.   Those resolutions are seldom achieved.  Why is that?  Resolutions are made with good intentions, but if you quit the good food cold turkey (pun intended) and hit the gym like a maniac, the effort usually ends within a couple weeks.  Good habits take time to build.  I believe in changing your lifestyle one step at a time.  Try removing one thing from your diet that is keeping you from losing weight.  Is it a chocolate croissant every morning with your coffee?  Or is it going out to lunch every day where the "light lunch" is hiding those sneaky calories?  Make one change at a time for a few weeks.  After that, eliminate one more thing and you will start to notice a change.  Bad habits are hard to break and good habits will take about 30 days to set in. The weather where you live may also be contributing to the slow weight loss.  Freezing cold temperatures, rain, and snow can keep everyone from getting active.  I want to go curl up next to a fireplace just writing this!  Put one of my workouts together and do it in your living room next to your fireplace!! My theory of sticking with working out is the same as eating healthier...Ease into it.  Don't go to the gym every day if that is not what you are used to.   Start doing one of my workouts (or get to the gym) 3x a week for 2 months.  After 2 months, add one more day.  You are now getting in one of my workouts or getting to the gym 4x a week.  Continue on until you feel you can add another day.  Do something active on a daily basis.  Maybe the gym isn't your thing...maybe you like to get on your bike and ride for several miles.  Whatever it is that you enjoy, get to it.  Plan out a weekly schedule of meals and workouts, too.  Planning ahead helps to keep you on track. Things happen and life changes.  If your schedule changes and you miss another day of working out...or you eat poorly a couple days in a row, don't get discouraged.  Tomorrow is a new day...Pick it up again.  I am always here to support you.  I have the same issues sometimes because life is crazy in the Ioja house!  But I won't stop trying to stay healthy.  Do this with me! Here's today's workout...We start with a 21 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout and then end it with 50 BURPEES!!!. Do as many reps as you can during the time of work. And get your burpees done as fast as you can...You MUST do the push up! You will continue to burn calories for the next 24-36 hours. That alone will make you work harder, better, faster, stronger!!! Here's the workout Breakdown: Part 1 Set your interval timer for 21 Rounds with 10 Seconds Rest/50 Seconds Work 1. Scorpion Push Ups 2. Lunge Back, Kick Out (left leg) 3. Jump Rope 4. Lunge Back, Kick Out (right leg) 5. Ugi Around the World 6. Ugi Pound Sit Ups 7. Jump Rope

Part 2 50 BURPEES!!

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