How Cardio Can Improve Your Life At Work

Have you ever noticed that when you are really stressed out going for a run feels incredible? It isn't just in your head, there is a reason for this! It seems that a cardio workout can not only lower your cortisol levels, it can also prevent burn out in the work place. We've all been there. That burnt out feeling. The mental, physical and often emotional stress that causes you to question your career choice and path in life. A recent Australian study found that consistent exercise sessions, especially cardio based ones, can reduce symptoms of burnout like feeling psychological stress and emotional exhaustion. At the University of New England, researchers decided to see how effective exercise is at mitigating these symptoms. For the study, they recruited 50 previously inactive people between the ages of 19 and 68, two thirds of which were women. They were divided into three groups. One performed  cardiovascular exercises, one performed resistance training exercises and one maintained the preexisting sedentary lifestyle. Each participant evaluated their experiences over the course of four weeks using three psychological scales: the Subjective Exercise Experience Scale, which measures a person's responses to exercise stimuli; the Perceived Stress Scale, which measures the degrees to which situations a person experiences feel stressful; and the Maslach Burnout Inventory, which measures a person's feelings of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal accomplishment. The results suggested that cardiovascular and resistance training exercises can increase a sense of accomplishment, increase well being and reduce perceived stress levels. But the cardio workouts, specifically, were able to decrease psychological stress and emotional exhaustion which, as mentioned before, are key factors in work related burnout. The University of New England researchers used their findings to recommend that work places provide their workers with exercise opportunities to help their employees. Many American companies have been all too happy to help their employees in this manner, as a happy employee means a happy business which means happy financials. Everyone wins when everyone is healthy. Do you have workplace exercise options? If not, how do you combat workplace burnout? Source: Huffington Post   

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