Cardio Kickboxing HIIT Blast #2 *WORKOUT*

Here we go with another Cardio Kickboxing HIIT workout! Did you catch my first one? If not, check it out here! With this one, we run the same deal. You will work for 1 minute with the combinations and then for 30 seconds, doing another quick combo. If you are unfamiliar with the moves below and have never taken a class before, I would HIGHLY recommend going to youtube for a demo of each movement. The difference between cardio kickboxing and regular kickboxing on a heavy bag, is that with cardio kick, you will move in a fast pace, switching up the moves rather quickly. You really want to get an idea how the movement works before hand, so you know what you should be feeling during the moves. A couple pointers as I mentioned before:
  • always keep your abdominals engaged, drawing your bellybutton in, core nice and strong
  • try and keep you ‘guards’ up the entire time, in a fist, thumbs out
  • try and always look at your ‘opponent’ and/or the direction of your kicks/jabs when doing the moves
  • don’t forget to breathe
  • start doing the moves without the jumps, once you master that, add the jumps if you can
  • HAVE FUN!!


1:00 minute of work followed by 30 seconds of work. NO breaks. 9 minute round. Break if needed at the end of the round, then shoot for 2-3x thru total. For beginners, use modifications which I will show you in the video and go at your own pace. Start slow and controlled, then increase speed as you get to know the rhythm of the movement. Have fun!! 60 sec - Butt Kick/High Knees Rope Skip 30 sec - 8 Upper Cuts+ 4 Sumo Squat Jumps 60 sec - 2 front kicks + 2 Reverse Lunges (RT) 30 sec - 8 ct.jump + 8 ct. High Knee Skip 60 sec - 2 front Kicks + 2 Reverse Lunges (LT) 30 sec - 2 Jack Legs + 1 Power Push Up 60 sec - 2 Front Kicks + 2 Side Kicks (alternating sides) 30 sec - 8 Mt. Climbers + 2 Jack Leg Push Ups 60 sec - 2 Lunge Pulses Right and Left + 2 Touch the Floor Power Squats 30 sec - 2 Plank Punches Right and Left + 2 ct. Push Up Down/Up 60 sec - 2 in/Out Abs + 1 squat jump + 1 tuck Jump 30 sec - 4 hooks + 2 knee Strikes (alternating sides) REST AND THEN REPEAT 2X-3X TOTAL! For more workouts, check out my Facebook page here or subscribe to my Youtube channel!  
photo credit: IDFA Pro Nichelle Laus

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