Cardio Kickboxing HIIT BLAST! *WORKOUT*

One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE workout is Cardio Kickboxing!! Whatever you want to call it, Body Combat, Turbo Kick, Cardio kick etc. I love it all and used to LOVE teaching it at different NYC clubs!

One reason is I LOVE dance, but really don't follow along well when taking a class, even though I am an instructor! Cardio kickboxing adds that element of following along with a certain combination, in a fast pace, but also offers the user the feeling of power and strength, using defensive fighting moves that gets the heart pumping and the body sweating!

I designed the below workout using cardio kickboxing but made it a timed HIIT workout! You will work for 1 minute with the combinations and then for 30 seconds, doing a push up variation working your entire body!

If you are unfamiliar with the moves below and have never taken a class before, I would HIGHLY recommend going to youtube for a demo of each movement. The difference between cardio kickboxing and regular kickboxing on a heavy bag, is that with cardio kick, you will move in a fast pace, switching up the moves rather quickly. You really want to get an idea how the movement works before hand, so you know what you should be feeling during the moves.

A couple pointers:

  • always keep your abdominals engaged, drawing your bellybutton in, core nice and strong
  • try and keep you 'guards' up the entire time, in a fist, thumbs out
  • try and always look at your 'opponent' and/or the direction of your kicks/jabs when doing the moves
  • don't forget to breathe
  • start doing the moves without the jumps, once you master that, add the jumps if you can
  • HAVE FUN!!

The workout below will consist of 1.00 minute combos + 30 seconds Push Up variations, 6 rounds, REPEAT 3x total. I had one viewer even wear a weighted vest during the moves and made it more intense!  I have to apologize though, my gymboss timer was on vibrate, so you can't hear the beep, but I do cue you along!



3 minutes jump rope (1 minute on, 10 seconds off, 3x) + STRETCH


1 minute: 4 jab/cross + 2 Jump Squats

30 seconds: 4 Mt. Climbers + 2 count Push up

1 minute: Front Kick - Squat Thrust - Front kick (opp. leg)

30 seconds: 2 Jack Legs + 2 Push Ups (vid shows 1 jack leg, but shoot for 2)

1 minute: Round house kick + 2 hooks in sumo squat+ Round house kick (opposite leg)

30 seconds: 4 Mt. climbers + 2 count Push Up

1 minute: Knee Strike Left + Jump Knee Strike left + Knee Strike Right + Jump knee Strike Right

30 seconds: 2 Jack legs + 2 Push ups

1 Minute: 4 High Knees + 8 Fast Jab/Cross

30 seconds: 4 Mt climbers + 2 ct. Push up

1 Minute: Front Kick + Rear Side Kick + Front Kick + Tuck Jump (Switching sides)

30 seconds: 2 Jack Legs + 2 Push ups


Repeat entire round 2 more times for 3x total!!!


I go through one full round with you in video below!

Photo Credit: IDFA Pro Nichelle Laus

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