Cardio Workouts: Make Them Harder, Not Longer

No wonder some people despise cardio – they are making the workouts last a long, dreadful time. The following are some tips that trainers are giving away. cardio workouts Incorporating Cardio Bursts In Strength Training Session If you have a love for lifting, but you can’t stand stepping foot on a treadmill, it would be beneficial to add cardio bursts into your strength training workout (a technique from Jen Newell, a fitness cover model.) A few favorites of Jen Newell’s are lateral shuffles, frog hops, and plank punches. It is best to pair these up with mini cardio busts with tri-sets or supersets to really up the intensity. Don’t Forget The Music Let’s face it – there are times that we all don’t feel “ready to go” with each of our workouts. With the right music playlist, your entire mood can change. It is backed up by science that people who listen to music while working out find it to be more enjoying as they are having fun and not focusing on just the workout and when it will be over. This came from a study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports. Don’t Rest Too Much During Circuit Training Are you having a hard time deciding between the treadmill, elliptical, or stepmill for your cardio workout? You don’t have to choose; you can set up your very own cardio circuit using exercises and equipment of your choice. The key is to keep rest on the low. A personal trainer, Mike Z. Robinson stated this tip. When you keep short breaks between each station, your heart rate will increase and maximize your results. HIIT Without Any Fancy Equipment HIIT workouts aren’t limited to just bikes and treadmills. These types of workouts will maximize the calorie burn while using kettlebells and battling ropes. There have been studies that prove training with kettlebells will offer improvement with aerobic capacity. Interval Tracking It’s best to train smarter and not longer. A fitness instructor, Chris Freytag, recommends using a app or time to make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts. He suggests using Tabata Pro timer app. Going All Out Moderate-intensity exercise has a place for well-rounded workouts, which will increase the effort that you are putting into conditioning and getting better results. A certified trainer, Kasey Arena, suggests that sprints are beneficial to go all out with, and not just walk all the time. She suggests completing a warm up, and then spacing out some cones. Then, sprint from one cone and on to the next while giving it your all. Walk or jog back to the starting point for a chance to recover. This is called Regular High-intensity intermittent (HIIE) and it will involve brief sprinting with intensity followed with low-intensity. This type of exercise has been known to reduce abdominal fat and improve glucose tolerance. Taking The Guesswork Out Even fitness trainers like to use apps to take the guesswork out. Kelley Vargo, a health coach, likes to use the free fitness app for example. These apps give you the full program so you aren’t left guessing what you should do next. Less Can Be More HIIT workouts can offer a great deal of benefits to the body, but one of the most efficient ways to get more out of a cardio workout is to cut back on the intensity at certain times. Directory of Anytime Fitness, Shannan Fable, admits that she made a mistake by giving her cardio all she had every day and going hard on the bike or treadmill. She chooses to only give 3 days a week her all and hit it hard. On the alternate days, she will go for a lower impact workout. This will allow the body to burn more calories and leave you with less potential pain. Shape    

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