Who cares what people think

Who cares what people think. We allow it to direct our steps, how we dress and the way we look at ourselves. I am guilty of this; walking into a room wondering what people are thinking when they look my way and look down when I meet their gaze. We internalize what society says, what individuals say and what people close to us say. I am not innocent when It comes to my first impression and quick judgments based on my sight. But this is what I would tell my younger self; Who cares what other people think. They might be looking your way because they like the pep in your step and your excitement for the ground in front of you. I used to consume myself with what others thought of me, I developed a fear toward expressing myself. What I have discovered over the years is that when I am myself I free others around me to do the same. Yes I am goofy, awkward, have an inappropriate sense of humor and probably say what others are thinking at the wrong time. The funny thing is I have never felt more free and happy being me than I do NOW. I don't bother wasting extra time thinking about what someone may be thinking when I can use that time working on myself or inspiring someone else, maybe even sharing a nice chat with a stranger. Its amazing what a clear mind will give you. Its refreshing what a happy attitude can show you and at the end of the day most of the people you come in contact with you will never see. This is what my fitness journey has given me; a strong body, mind and spirit. It has also allowed me to see imperfect people perfectly. If I don't want to be judged then I will darn sure make every effort not to generalize others. You can rock me but I won't fall, and ill happily lend my hand to help you Walk through life being YOU! And if you want to improve your fitness you can sign up for the 30 day challenge here, it starts January 15th

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