Why Carrying Extra Fat Can Make You More Stressed And Gain Weight

If you're carrying a little extra poundage, it could be to blame for your stress level and your difficulties losing weight. It was previously thought that dealing with stress was a purely neurological function. But now research is discovering that your whole body plays a role in managing your anxiety. Your cells are smarter than you think. They can signal your brain when they sense stress, and prompt you to crave food as a way to deal with what you're feeling. This can create a dangerous cycle because the more you eat, the more body fat you gain. And the more body fat you gain, the more cells there are to send out stress-signals. This is why even those few extra pounds can put you at risk of falling into this cycle. It has been proven that if you are carrying around less body fat, you tend to feel less anxious and stressed. It works both ways, because the less stressed out you are, the easier it is to lose weight. You can manage your stress level by upping your exercise routine, reducing your time spent on social media, writing out how you're feeling and practicing meditation or yoga. What are your thoughts on this study? How do you keep from over-stressing? Source: Shape  

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