The Catch 22 of Work and Fitness

There are many ways that fitness affects our lives, sometimes in ways we didn't even realize. While we all know that our desk job is killing us, and that sitting for so many hours is incredibly unfit, what you might not know is that your job might also be good for your health. Continuing to work past the normal retirement age can help keep you healthy. Several studies have found that people who worked after retirement were healthier, both physically and mentally, than those who did not. Perhaps the need to wake up, get out of the house, and use the mind for at least a few hours a day is the magic combination. Sitting all day is bad for us, but apparently inactivity at work is better than inactivity at home. Another interesting piece to this Catch-22 of desk jobs is that being fit will boost your work performance as well as prevent you from getting sick and having to take a day or two off. This might help you get that raise or promotion you've been wanting and boost your happiness. So, your desk job is terrible for your health because of all the sitting, but it can also help keep you healthy later in life. So, how do we make the most of this information? If you don't work in a job that keeps you active, and you're not able to use a treadmill desk, there are other ways to add activity to your everyday life to make sure your healthy long into your golden years.

Adding activity to your life

  1. Take the stairs whenever you can
  2. Park at the back of the parking lot
  3. Take the long way to the bathroom at work
  4. Get a dog, or offer to walk your neighbor's dog
  5. Exercise in the bathroom stall at work
  6. Do exercises at your desk (chair dips, leg extensions, arm circles... anything to get the blood moving)
  7. Join a team sport
  8. Stand or pace more
  9. Do push ups or squats during TV commercials
  10. Walk to the grocery store
  11. Get a physically active hobby like hiking or bicycling

 How do you add extra physical activity to your life?

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