Catching Fire 30 Day Challenge - Day #5

Hi BodyRockers,




Today is Day #5 already. Now I know for some of you out there who have just started with us, your body will be on fire from days one to four - so today you have a well deserved Active Rest Day. Huurraayyyy I hear you cry ...

Make sure you keep active as we have Day #6 right around the corner !!

For those of you who smashed out a workout today or are working a day behind, I am LOVING the pictures you keep sending me on Facebook page the community spirit is alive and stronger than ever. I make sure that I try to reply or post everyone you send.

Share your Active Rest Day below, or why not pop over to my Facebook & see how many other #bodyrockers are taking part in this challenge . They are posting their food, workouts & equipment ideas etc.. and so am I.

The Last 30 Day challenge that is still going strong. Some crazy people are pushing themselves & doing the both - if you haven't seen that yet. Theres always time to start.


*High Five*

Lisa-Marie xoxo


Ps, As you know we have had a few problems with the site due to the fact that we are reaching over 1.2 million plus people a week  (and that was before this new challenge). So, I always like to keep you updated, so here's an update from Freddy to tell you whats happening ...


Freddy - BodyRock.Tv - 

. So I will let you guys in on what is in the works. On or around September 15th 2014 we will be launching a new platform that will combine BodyRockTv and TheDailyHiit into one site. We have the privilege of working with an agency that lists many Fortune 500 companies and international brands as clients. We've been doing this for going on 6 years, and at every step of the way we have been trying to make it a better experience for you guys - even when it comes to behind the scenes upgrades that you might not notice like our Red cameras and most recently our Studio camera crane.

Above everything else we are aiming for simplicity and ease of use with the new site so that accessing your workouts and tracking your progress is second nature.

My vision is to create something that does not require a user manual I'm also excited that our next brand(s) will also be debuting with our re-launch in September - we are growing! Thanks for all of your support - we are (each and every one of us) dedicated to making the best free fitness and health resource on the net. Our training programs, videos, challenges and heartfelt dedication to you guys will always be free. We started free and it's in our DNA to remain so and that won't change when we re-launch.


Share with us what you would like to see on the new site below .... we always like to read your feedback.



Get the most out of the Challenge!


Why not do Day #1 of the Last 30 Day Challenge BodyRock Launched ?  Up the intensity & make this summer the best bikini body ever  (and it will be with the two together as well #hardcore) - Here




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