Is the Catching Fire guide really worth $19.95?

There are countless companies out there releasing what they claim to be amazing nutrition and/or fitness guides, but how can you really know what is worth spending your money on? I have written my own personal review on the Catching Fire guide so that those of you who haven't yet bought it can know what to expect. I want to start by firstly saying that I really like the way that this guide is an e-book, because it means that you can take it with you anywhere on your smartphone, so for example, if you are at the supermarket you just need to open the link and you can see what you need to buy for your meal plans etc. This isn't just any old nutrition guide, it's a guide designed specifically to accompany The Daily Hiit 30 day challenge, with tips on how to burn fat and ignite your metabolism. Who doesn't want to know how to do that!? boost-metabolism The guide is written by Ciara Foy who is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, weight-loss expert and Toronto-based single mom to two young girls. Her motto is “REAL food for REAL life”, and she sticks by that firmly throughout the guide. Although I haven't tried EVERY recipe in the guide, the ones I have tried were easy and affordable....and most importantly healthy and delicious! Ciara's approach through this guide is different to any other that I've read; it's not all about focussing on how much weight you have to lose which ultimately makes you feel even worse about yourself. Ciara's approach focuses on improving your nutrition IQ so that you can better understand what you are putting into your body. As Ciara says in her introduction she wants to promote "self LOVE to keep on working towards becoming your best self". BE-THE-BEST-VERSION-OF-YOU  

So what are the best things about the Catching Fire guide?

  • A printable progress calendar
This may not sound like much, but being able to physically see in front of you how far you have come and how far you have left to go in the challenge is really great. I also get a ridiculous sense of achievement each time I tick off a day on the chart. While I'm on the subject of completing the workouts, am I the only one who high fives Rita and Melissa through the laptop after every workout?
  • Portion control guide
This is a handy printable portion control guide. I've found this immensely helpful as it's so easy to just put a load of food on a plate not really thinking how much your body actually needs. I'm guessing that the majority of you, like me, have always been taught to eat everything on your plate. It's crazy, I used to force myself to clear my plate even long after I felt full. With the portion size control guide this is no longer an issue, and I don't feel that awful bloated feeling I get when I've eaten too much anymore. Admittedly my plate looks pretty empty these days compared to before, but I feel so much better knowing that I'm eating the right amount.....and even better when I see the results in the mirror! I think I just need to go out and buy some smaller plates.
  • Eating out guide
One of the hardest times to stick to clean eating is when you go out for a meal, but there's even a page dedicated to eating out included in this guide! That's often when we all struggle the most, simply because we don't really know what we should be choosing at a restaurant, and let's be honest....when you see all of the exciting foods on the menu the last thing on your mind is looking for the healthy option. But this is another reason why I said earlier that it's great that the guide is an e-book because, when you are at a restaurant struggling to be good you can just look at the link and read Ciara's advice. It gets you right back on track.
  • Ciara's weekly challenges
In the guide Ciara gives you some extra little challenges to follow throughout the 30 day challenge. I don't mean workouts; I mean for example, she sets a challenge that you need to stop counting calories. I've never been a calorie counter, to be honest it was just because I couldn't be bothered, but after reading this guide I'm so happy I never did because they aren't what's important. Basically a piece of cake may contain the same number of calories as a full healthy meal, and it's quite obvious that substituting the meal for the piece of cake wouldn't be a good decision, so calories aren't the best way to measure your food intake
  • Printable meal plan
At the very end of the guide there is a meal plan which I printed out immediately. I love planning my meals ahead, and I've always found that if I plan ahead I eat better than if I leave it to the last minute to throw some food into the oven because I often then don't have the ingredients needed for a healthy meal. Always plan ahead.
  • The 'master grocery list' and a ton of recipes
There is a 'master grocery list' included in the guide, which is really helpful because as long as you choose from this list you will know that whatever you are putting in your trolley will be helping you to reach your goal. There are then a ton of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner to choose from! I'm a pretty fussy eater, but everything I tried from the guide I absolutely loved. Healthy  

Which recipes have I tried?

photo 1 Flourless protein pancakes (I served mine with greek yoghurt and blueberries, but they do taste amazing on their own too) Before I made these I was feeling very sceptical about them because any time I have ever tried cooking with protein powder it has gone horribly wrong and I've been left with food that resembles a piece of rubber. These are amazing though! The recipe suggests using vanilla protein powder, but all I had was chocolate so that's why they are brown (they aren't burnt). The amount of cinnamon in the ingredients list is's not so weak that you can't taste it and not so strong that you feel overwhelmed by it. Seriously, try them. You won't be disappointed.   photo 3 (3) Steak, kale and rosemary sweet potato chips (I added a corn on the cob to mine because at the time I was craving one) I'm a big steak and sweet potato fan anyway so this was a recipe that I was very much looking forward to making. I had never heard of kale before I read this guide and I am now addicted to it! The way this recipe instructs you to cook it makes it taste out of this world! There was no need for sauce, it was delicious!   salmon Mediterranean baked salmon (mine is on a bed of kale as I'm now addicted to the stuff)  I've never been a big fan of fish...unless it's battered, but I wanted to try this as the recipe looked really good. I wasn't disappointed. It was easy to prepare and yet looks so professional, and most importantly, tastes wonderful! I put the salmon on a bed of kale to satisfy my addiction.   photo 2 Grilled chicken with cauliflower and pumpkin pie mash This was my least favourite of the recipes I tried. As you can see, it is nowhere near as visually appealing as the others, and I really struggled to eat cauliflower without gravy (or some kind of sauce). I guess that's down to years of coating it so that I don't actually taste the cauliflower itself. The pumpkin pie mash however was amazing! I will definitely be adding that to another meal.   1547 Signature 'green vitality' smoothie I've always liked smoothies so was looking forward to making this. As I put the ingredients together I was a bit anxious about how it would taste, but I shouldn't have been, it was gorgeous! It's like drinking a glass of wake up juice! It instantly managed to fill me with energy.   I was amazed by how good all of these meals tasted knowing that they were good for me too! I would happily buy a book of Ciara's recipes! 816820fc009fd9e0a17ca5bc9b50fc92 I found it really helpful that the majority of the recipes are gluten free because I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant about a year and a half ago. Ciara talks in the guide about how going gluten free is better for your health (even if you don't have a gut issue) and I couldn't agree more! Within one month of giving up gluten I felt better than I had in years! My energy had increased tremendously, and I just felt so awake all the time. It's amazing what a difference it can make.  

What would I change about the guide?

For my current needs I found that Ciara included everything in the guide that I wanted to know, but I would be interested to know more about how different foods are digested. We all know that steak is harder for your body to break down than chicken (for example), but that's about as far as my digestion knowledge goes. I would love to find out more about different foods so that I could understand my body even better. This guide is unlike any other I've ever read. I never expected it to contain a 'master grocery list' or recipes! I was thinking I would just basically see a whole load of pages telling me to eat less fat and more vegetables, but it's so much more than that. It actually focuses on your health, not just your weight, which is brilliant because on the mission to get a better body it's easy to forget to look after your body. tumblr_mwil07Rj0V1slcxgno1_500

So is it worth $19.95?

Absolutely! If you are looking for something that will take your fat loss journey up to the next level and that will help you to understand what you are putting into your body then this is a must buy. I've never read anything like it. The amount of detail put into this guide is crazy. If you are following the 30 day challenge you need this to boost your progress even further, and at the moment it's actually reduced to $17.95 so it's even more of a bargain.

What are you waiting for? Click here to get yours! 

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