Catwoman is Real: Style Firm Caters to the Superheroine

"I feel like Catwoman. NO. Uma Thurman in Kill BillWait. Tomb Raider. OK. I can't decide. Maybe I am just triple the woman. That is a lot of powers."

For the past few months, I heard only positive comments from friends, magazines, and the good ol' internet about the fitness shapewear line from Style Firm. So when I was invited to visit the Style Firm office to try out their activewear, I was quite ecstatic. In fact, I recall drooling. The drooling started around the moment I stood in front of the mirror and saw the image of myself wearing the Style Firm pant and jacket. The drooling only continued in greater amounts when I observed how the activewear shaped my body into a svelte and smooth figure. While my first reaction was to produce drool, my second instinct was to rattle off female superheroes.

"Wonder Woman. Charlie's Angels. Susan B. Anthony."

kimkback StyleFirm
Created by stylists and fashion show producers, Marissa Mills and Lisa Present, the Style Firm fitness shapewear quickly became a sensation: the product has been featured in ShapeToday ShowUS Weekly, and Good Day LA for its revolutionary quality and effectiveness in shapewear. Even the celebrity culture took a strong liking to Style Firm, including Kim Kardashian, Amber Heard, Reese Witherspoon, Lena Dunham, and Adrienne Maloof. Now that's a banging lineup.

"We wanted to create a magic pant that would slim the thighs, lift the butt, and flatten the tummy, while being comfortable, true performance wear," Marissa explained to me and she sifted through the Style Firm varieties, trying to find my perfect size and cut. "Our product is the little black dress of activewear."


Lets examine the threads:

  • The garments are composed of a nylon/spandex blend that feels like a second skin. Or, in my opinion, "a hand-me-down directly from Lara Croft herself".
  • Underneath the pant and jacket is a moisture wicking compression mesh that shapes and firmly holds your body in-place. Cellulite on your thighs? Not there. Love handles creeping over the edges? No way.
  • Unlike other activewear, no matter how many times you wear or wash your StyleFirm clothing, the material will not stretch out.
  • And most importantly, the end of the jacket sleeves have cool little holes for the thumbs to go through so that you look like you mean some serious business while sprinting full-cheetah on the treadmill.
  style firm beach fixedI am a runner. I am an avid DailyHiit workout doer. And I am a professional clumsy. In fact, I was gifted with the smallest amount of grace ever allotted to one person. My resume includes: cracking my phone three times within a three month period; never being able to wear white clothing during spaghetti dinners no matter how many bibs and napkins are involved; and continually breaking glasses in restaurants during important meetings all because I get very excited and use my hands too much when talking. With all the trotting, tripping, and tumbling in my life - there is no doubt that I loved working out in the Style Firm attire. The pants and jacket kept my body firm and stable, kind of like a world without earthquakes (great analogy, by the way). Burpees, Low Jacks, Ninja Tucks, stumbling over the dumbbell on the floor - you name it! The fall to the ground was a lot more tolerable in my Style Firm compression mesh shapewear. As an added bonus: I looked really good doing it all. I will just go ahead and say it -- the Style Firm pants lifted my butt to the highest level it has ever reached. Sky high. Flying. After my workout, I decided to run some errands while suited in my Style Firm attire. As I am sure you all can relate, making a pit stop at the grocery store, post office, or gas station for a lottery ticket is often scheduled right after working out. I know I am not the only one who wonders about the sweat stains that may become more visible when bending over to pick out the perfect set of dozen eggs. I am pretty confident that I am not the only individual that worries about running into their boss, ex-boyfriend, or high school crush in the midst of comparing the fat content in yogurt brands while wearing a sweat-soaked pair of spandex biking shorts. I am aware that you all have been there, done that, and have nightmares of such events reoccurring. However, while running errands in my Style Firm workout clothing, I had no worries about bending over or bumping into my boss or thinking about where I would hide in the frozen section if I saw my ex-boyfriend. No sweat stains. No awkward riding up of the running short. I felt like Cat Woman shopping for some slabs of ahi tuna. SF run fixed We can find power in a lot of ways: what we eat, how hard we workout, to what we say "no" and/or "yes", being educated, displaying your double jointed abilities during a talent show, etc.. I felt powerful wearing Style Firm. I am a thin woman, but I have my insecurities. Especially when it comes to wearing tight workout clothing. I am proud of my body. I take care of my body. However, on several occasions I had a butt cheek or two play "peak-a-boo" while running on my local trail; I sweat through just about every article of activewear I own; and sometimes, as much as I love those neon purple biking shorts, my behind does not really favor them as much as I do. Style Firm created a product that successfully combines fashion, confidence, and activewear for every woman. Every woman. I mean - if you think about it - Catwoman and Wonder Woman have their very own power suits to sweat in. I bet you Susan B. had one in her closet somewhere. Little bit of clumsy here, a tad of sweating there, fighting crime everywhere. Even the superheroines are getting their Style Firm on.  

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