Christine Bullock's Top 5 Moves to Get Your Best Body

Feeling like your workout routine is getting stale? Whether you feel like you're plateauing or losing motivation out of sheer boredom, it's good to gain some new knowledge on what others are doing to stay fit. Well-respected Los Angeles-based celebrity fitness trainer Christine Bullock knows her stuff when it comes to staying fit, eating right and leading an overall active lifestyle. And with the phenomenon of people looking to lessen the time of their exercise routines to both fit into their busy schedules as well as motivate them to just get it done, Bullock has provided a new DVD focused on feeding into that overwhelming desire. Called the "Evolution20," consisting of a 60-day high performance fitness and nutritional program, she shows us how to get fit in no more than a mere 20 minutes per day, sans equipment. Christine Bullock Here are five of Bullock's favorite exercises to try. 1. Sweaty Angel:
  • Begin by lying on your back
  • Extend arms in a t-shape
  • Keep legs long
  • Feet hip width distance apart
Christine Bullock
  • Engage core
  • Lift right arm and left leg
  • Rotate torso toward lifted leg
  • Float chest and head off ground
Christine Bullock
  • Twist deeply through core
  • Reach opposite arm and leg together
  • Lengthen through leg
Christine Bullock
  • Slowly roll down to start position
  • Complete 15 times on each side
Christine Bullock 2. Yogi Bicycle:
  • Begin on back
  • Legs extended straight up over hips
  • Arms extended straight up over shoulders
  • Clasp hands together in a steeple grip
  • Engage core to float head and shoulders off ground
Christine Bullock
  • Crunch up and reach hands forward and to the outside of right leg
  • Lower left leg to a hover above ground
Christine Bullock
  • Return to start
  • Alternate legs
  • Complete 15 times on each side
Christine Bullock Christine Bullock 3. Plie Jump
  • Stand with heels together
  • Legs slightly turned out
  • Hands on hips
Christine Bullock
  • Bend knees
  • Press into feet
  • Jump into air as you extend legs open
  • Land in a plie, legs slightly turned out and wider than hip distance
  • Press off floor again, drawing legs together, returning to start
  • Repeat
Christine Bullock 4. Plank Swimmer
  • Begin in plank position, hands shoulder distance, feet hip distance, core braced
  • Float right arm forward along ear
Christine Bullock
  • Sweep right arm in a large controlled circle
  • Reach back towards toes, then towards sky, then along ear again
Christine Bullock
  • Try not to let hips move at all
  • Return right arm to ground
  • Repeat move on left side
  • Continue alternating sides
Christine Bullock Leg Pull
  • Sit with legs extended
  • Take hands behind you on floor, fingers facing back
  • Press into arms and feet to lift the glutes and legs off ground into a reverse plank
Christine Bullock
  • Press into left foot to kick right leg straight to sky
  • Lower right leg to ground
  • Repeat with left leg
  • Alternate kicks
Christine Bullock Have you tried Bullock's DVD yet? What did you think? Source: Huffington Post    

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