Why Do We Celebrate Bones?

In animals bones are considered to be a sign of bad health, malnutrition, or ill treatment.  We shudder at the bones that pop out of a dog’s rib cage or the pelvic bones of a malnourished horse in a too small enclosure.  Bones aren’t meant to stick out.  In most cases the skeletal structure is meant to be covered by a healthy helping of muscle and fat. Sheba   2908619528_9c2e7d5a9b Unfortunately as it seems, for the human race, bones have now become cause for celebration.  There are collarbones and hip bones and even the occasional rib cage that is praised.  While visible bones on animals are out of their own control it is the opposite for humans.  Being skinny is seen as the the result of self control and proper exercise and controlling one’s food intake.  Those who are thin are seen as intelligent and motivated...and sadly society sees those who are overweight as lazy and less motivated to change. article-2111111-120BA4D4000005DC-338_634x842 So because of our strange attachment of personality traits to a person’s weight we come to celebrate the visibility of bones.  We place value on such subjective measures of a person’s worth without bothering to get to know them.  We would rather appear sick and malnourished than sport a healthy weight to fit into those tight jeans and impress others. victoria-beckham-reveals-bony-chest So what is it exactly that exerts such a pull over our imagination?  Do we really believe that visible bone structure makes us more attractive to others or that it really does mean that we have more self control than others?  Why on earth should our bodyweight mean that we are worth more than the human being standing beside us?

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