Celebs Who Are The Same Age But Look YEARS Apart! The Fascinating Pics

Aging leaves our faces and bodies with very different results. Some people look baby-faced for many years due to good genes, excellent skincare or natural makeup. Hard partying in Hollywood can put years on someone's complexion, and heavy makeup can alter facial features. These celeb comparisons show the differences in aging patterns! Check out these surprising pics (#4 will shock you!). #1 Jared Leto and Martin Freeman (both 43) jared martin #2 Gigi Hadid and Courtney Stodden (both 20) Gigi Hadid courtney #3 Elle Fanning and Kylie Jenner (both 17) elle kylie #4 Rosie Huntington Whitely and Lindsay Lohan (both 28) rosie huntington whitely lindsay lohan #5 Sarah Hyland and Jennifer Lawrence (both 24) sarah hyland jennifer What do you think of these interesting comparisons? Share your thoughts with us!  

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