Celebs Without Makeup Prove it's All About Your Skin

What's behind the current media obsession with celeb skin au naturel? And why are so many celebs playing along and posting their own no makeup selfies? The unreliability of photos in magazines is the likely reason. Nobody looks at a magazine cover anymore and believes it isn't photoshopped. Nobody looks at a celebrity on the red carpet and believes she hasn't been in a makeup chair for hours having light diffusing pigments airbrushed on. The no make-up pictures are about the truth people don't see in the media. But what do we see when we look at them? Sure their eyes look smaller and their complexions aren't as photo-perfect even, but what is often most striking about celebs without makeup is how good their skin is anyway. And while most of us don't have access to Hollywood skin clinics and plastic surgeons (even if we wanted to go that route), we can all get closer to no-makeup celeb selfie skin. Why not set a bare skin selfie challenge? After all, you're the star of your own life, right? Commit to drinking more water, eating nutrient-rich foods, getting more sleep, putting on the sunscreen, and getting serious about a cleansing moisturizing routine. Take a picture of your bare face every day for 30 days. It takes a month for the cells on your face to turn over, so give your routine a full 30 days and see if you're ready for your close-up!

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