Cellulite Fighting Foods #1: Lemons

This series of articles will look at a few of the foods to eat in order to fight cellulite--the dimpling on the back of our legs and arms that we all hate. Only diet and healthy exercise will get rid of the cellulite effectively, but eating the foods listed in this series will help you to diminish the problem. We'll start with a sour food, one of my very favorites: lemons. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="591"] Source: buyfruit.com.au[/caption] Vitamin C is an important nutrient for your skin, as it helps your body to produce collagen and elastin. These two proteins are what keep your skin tight, elastic, and fresh, so adding lemon to your diet can help to smooth out your skin. Bonus benefits: Lemon can help to detox your body, stimulate your liver, improve circulation, reduce plaque, balance your pH, encourages the production of bile, replenish electrolytes, boosts immunity, fights toxins, slows aging, prevents acne and wrinkles, boosts eye health, nourishes your brain, and fights off bacterial infections. Talk about an amazing food to start our list!  
Featured Image Source: yourbellalife.com

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