Cellulite Fighting Foods #11: Bananas

Bananas aren't just the perfect breakfast food, but it turns out that they're an EXCELLENT cellulite-fighting food as well. Why is that? The fruit (technically a vegetable, actually) is one of the best sources of potassium, a mineral that drains water from your muscles. Sodium causes your muscles to retain water, and this water retention makes your cellulite stand out more. By preventing water retention, you can diminish the appearance of cellulite. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Source: usfinancepost.com[/caption] Plus, bananas are excellent at promoting healthy circulation, ensuring that your skin cells receive the nutrients needed to produce elastin and collagen. By improving circulation, you prevent the buildup of toxins that can lead to cellulite. Bonus benefits: Bananas are also loaded with dietary fiber, which prevent hunger pangs and cravings. Bananas pack an energy punch, making them the perfect pre-workout snack. They also fight depression, improve mood, relieve PMS symptoms, combat stress, increase red blood cell production, prevent strokes and heart attacks, prevent calcium loss, aid in digestion, normalize bowel function, and serve as a natural antacid.  
Featured Image Source: www.nlj.gov.jm
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