Cellulite reduction diet

[caption id="attachment_4454" align="alignleft" width="300"]IMG_5034 NPC Competition: cellulite-free me![/caption] If you have ever visited a pharmacy or beauty store then you have seen the shelves lined with products claiming to solve all sorts of ills, cellulite included. Sure, some of them might provide temporary topical relief but is there anything you should or should not eat to diminish the appearance of cellulite? First, you have to understand what cellulite before we begin. According to Merriam-Webster, cellulite is "Persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, esp. on women's hips and thighs." There is also the genetic component of cellulite to consider as well; if your Mom has it then you are more likely to develop it too. The thing is, genetics are but a road map for your future and there some things you CAN do to avoid hitting unwanted speed-bumps, in this case: cellulite.
  1. Watch your calorie intake: Fat is how the body stores fuel in case of emergency and it has to go somewhere.  Every time you take in extra energy that your body cannot use it will store it (hopefully during your really active life)  in fat cells you already have . These fat cells expand to accommodate the extra energy and multiply when they can't handle the load. Consider cellulite your body's storage rooms for excess calories it doesn't know what to do with. Fix Not sure how many calories you need? Ask a nutritionist!
  2. Limit your sugar and processed food intake: Most of us eat processed food unless on a completely raw diet because cooking in itself is a process as is the packaging that many foods come in. In this case processing refers to foods that have a very long shelf life due to added sugars and salts as well as "foods" that are not found in nature. Those foods are laden with sneaky calories and chemicals like high fructose corn syrup that can increase your appetite. Fix: Skip foods that were created or enhanced in a lab.
  3. Drink less alcohol:  Alcohol ( yes, wine included) lowers your inhibitions which enable you to eat even when not hungry and to disregard healthy habits. Have you ever noticed how hungry you can get after a night out? That is because alcohol also lowers your blood sugar levels which spike hunger. Finally, your body views alcohol as a toxic substance to the removed as quickly as possible and stores it in the same way it stores fat. Excess alcohol calories can get stored in your liver and tend to end up around your midsection and thighs. Fix: Avoid binge drinking ( more than 3 drinks in a night), skip sugary mixed drinks and opt for water based ones like spritzers.
They say "Abs are created in the kitchen" and the same is true for cellulite reduction. You CAN control the appearance of your skin with what you eat. *For the best cellulite reduction results combine healthy eating with consistent exercise and skin treatments such as exfoliation and self tanning.

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