Ceylon cinnamon, little brown wonder?

Zimt   Do you know the benefits of cinnamon? It´s not only for christmas cookies. There are two species of cinnamon ceylon cinnamon and cassia cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon can have a lot of coumarin it, to much of it damages your liver. Ceylon Cinnamon contains no coumarin, so use this please. It lowers your blood sugar, blood fat levels and it lowers the blood pressure . Cinnamon stimulates the production of serotonin. Your blood vessels protect with it. It strengthens your digestions. A little bit cinnamon every day stimulates the circulation. Your fat cells burns more glucose thus helps to burn body fat. The muscles cells absorbs more insulin, this helps to build muscles. The biggest for me is reduces cravings. I use a half teaspoon every day, try to sprinkle over orange slices. That´s fantastic. Or try it in the porridge or protein shake.  

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