Change Your Inner Self-Talk with One Beautiful Thought

Have you ever really stopped to actually hear the way you speak to yourself? How would you handle hearing someone talking to their friend using the same words you do when you speak to yourself? Dove has again created another powerful campaign which centers around #OneBeautifulThought, asking us to share positive feelings about our bodies instead of the negative ones that we are so quick to say at times. In the video, Dove France had asked several women to write down every time they had a thought about their bodies into a notebook. Actresses then read those same lines to another actress with the women at close range so that they can hear. Watch the video below to see their reactions:   Powerful, isn't it? Those words don't sound good when said out loud amongst people we don't know. And we surely wouldn't speak to a friend in this way. So why do we speak to ourselves, the one person that we are going to live with the longest out of anyone in this lifetime, in this way? Shouldn't we spend more time developing a loving relationships with ourselves? Here's some tips on changing our self-talk to a more positive note: 1. Become aware. Many of us aren't even aware that there's a critic in our heads that is constantly berating us. Becoming aware of our thoughts is the first step to changing them. 2. Step back. Take a look at the criticism from a different angle. Realize that this inner critic is not your true self. Keep up with me on Instagram:     3. Replace. Use empowering words to replace those negative ones. One beautiful thought is all it takes to begin reframing your thoughts about your body. 4. Repeat. Continue using empowering words throughout the day. When you wake up and look in the mirror, show yourself some love. You may have a hard time believing what you say, but keep going anyway with a smile. Over time it will create a new, positive belief within you about you and your body.   Feature images from Dove's Real Beauty Campaign    

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