How Changing Your Fitness Routine Will Help You Drop Pounds!

Switching up your routine shocks your muscles, in a good way! Once you do enough of something, it becomes easy for your body. Keeping a constant challenge not only evades boredom but can keep you losing those pounds you want to drop!

Every time you recover from the same workout, your body learns ways to cope better. This isn't beneficial to training, because your body begins to burn less and less calories as it learns. It's recommended to start a fresh, new workout routine every 4 to 6 weeks. Trade running for swimming, for example.

Slight modifications can also help, if you don't want to drastically change your standard workout. Start doing more reps in the weight room, more miles on the treadmill or mix a little Zumba in with your daily stretches.

More weight loss comes from bigger changes, but starting small is perfectly okay. Eventually you will see the results. Just remember to keep pushing it! Plateauing will not give your body the gains you want, so do what you can to progress forward.

Plus, trying new things can be adventurous, fun and rewarding! Go rock climbing, sign up for a race for charity or join a new and interesting class at your gym!

Share with us the ways in which you like to switch up your routine!



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