Changing Our Genetic Expression

How much of our genetic expression is predetermined? Many people believe that they are destined for whatever their genes have in store for them. Even scientists at one point believed that once they were able to sequence the humane genome that they would finally be able to understand DNA and disease. However, once the genome was sequenced, scientists realized that there is much more at play than simply being a product of a linear DNA processing system, proving those absolute determinist people and scientists wrong. Genes do not determine our fate. And epigenetics is shedding the light it. Epigenetics is a field of science that studies how our cells read our genes due to influences from our diet, thoughts and beliefs, emotional state, stress, and environment. Epigenetics shows us that we have the power to take charge of our health at every single moment. We have the potential to control how our genetic traits are to be expressed with the choices we make today. It is very important (and extremely empowering!) to know that we are not a victims of our genetic heredity. We are an extension of our surroundings. (Check out how even identical twins can be radically different as they age.) It goes to show we can manifest disease or prevent it, turn genes on or off, by the choices we make. And though there are many lifestyle changes we can make to improve our lives, the most important one begins in our thought process. Every thought and underlying belief releases a chemical signal. The signals released from a negative thought or belief are markedly different than those from a positive one. These chemicals circulate the body and effect cells. These thoughts and beliefs also affects our actions which in turn changes our environment and decisions we make. It is important that we don’t fall into a cycle of limiting beliefs that will keep us from making lasting changes to improve our health and to have a happy and fulfilling life. We have the ability to choose how we manage the stress of daily life while quieting mental chatter, both of which will greatly contribute to keeping our epigenome working in our favor, especially when we tie it in with a healthy diet and exercise. What are you waiting for? The begin taking action to improve your gene expression now. The power to change the quality of your life is within your hands.  

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