After Changing Her Relationship With Food, Toby Gray Lost 165 Pounds And Regained Her Life

Toby Gray reports that she wasn't always an overweight person. After she started dating her husband, eating out became a routine and over the course of 4 years and countless fast food meals, she went from weighing 145 pounds to 290 pounds. She says she didn't exercise as there was no point when her diet was so off kilter. But it wasn't like she didn't try to lose weight. Gray says, "I did try to lose weight with various diets, like the three-week diet, a low-carb diet, a cabbage-based diet. I even tried diabetic diets. Seriously, if you can name it, I tried it. The main thing that held me back from losing weight while following those plans was that they were too strict. I always got bored of eating the same things all the time." Gray says that although she knew she was big, she didn't really realize how big until one day she got on the scale and saw 290 staring back at her. She was shocked and told her husband that it was time she found something that worked for her. Gray explains:
"After researching different programs for about a month, I came across the Medifast program, which is basically a healthy meal-delivery company. I started eating five small meals a day, like oatmeal, meal bars, chili, and different soups. I also learned how to cook my own nutritious dishes, which usually consisted of lean protein and veggies. I totally cut out desserts (pastries were my favourite!), as well as soda and juice. Water or zero-calorie flavoured water became my new go-tos. To combat my sweet tooth, I started eating a small portion of cereal when I had a craving for sugar."
She says it wasn't easy to adjust to smaller portions after eating supersized meals on the regular but that her body began to adjust to having more frequent meals. She says, "it really helped me understand when I was full and when I was actually hungry. Before, I would wait a long time between each meal and then totally go overboard when I finally did eat. I had to retrain myself to have a normal portion size and feel satisfied." After a month, she'd lost 30 pounds and began working in 20 minute walks each day. toby A year later, she's down to 125 pounds which is less than what she weighed when she started dating her husband! Gray reports that she doesn't feel disappointed when she looks in the mirror any longer and she isn't afraid to go out and be social. And she's loving the shopping. Can't say I blame her there! Here are some tips from Toby to help you on your journey: Toby's Tips Be prepared for tempting situations. I always carried meal bars with me in case I was out and couldn’t get home to eat a healthy meal. Those kept me satisfied and helped me say no to things I knew weren't good for my body. Get a support system. I used my husband as a source of tough love and encouragement because he knew how badly I wanted to get healthy again. Even when I was feeling weak or frustrated, he told me to keep going and never gave me a way out. Don't give up on your new healthy habits when they start working. When I started eating smaller, portioned meals and cut back on my sugar habit, I lost weight right away. It was tempting to say, 'Oh, this is working—I'll just give myself some wiggle room.' But by sticking to my plan, I lost more weight and learned to live without the foods and drinks that weren't good for me. h/t: Women's Health Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_99115" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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