Chef Reveals The Scientific Method To Making A Perfect Burger

Mmm...nothing makes your mouth water quite like a warm, succulent patty with crisp lettuce and melty, gooey cheese on a toasty bun. Chef Charles Michel knows all too well about the temptation that is a hamburger, and he has even perfected a formula to creating the ideal one. 30% smell, 25% touch, 15% sound, 15% vision, 15% taste - that is what comprises the most delicious burger on Earth, says Chef Michel. He took to Oxford University's Research Laboratory to test out his theories and crafted his perfect burg. He has even taken into consideration the width and height of the patty and the bun. "Science has shown that deliciousness is a perception created by our brains with stimulation coming from all the senses, and not only a sensation happening in our mouth." says Chef Michel. "We actually 'taste' food with all of our senses and it is scientifically inaccurate to just think about the taste of foods when discussing deliciousness." After some trial and error, his finished findings were put into the chart below. If you want to master one knockout of a burger, here is how to do it! burger recipe perfect delicious Chef Michel also designed this beast of a burg which he says is the embodiment of perfection, based on his research. meat beef meal ideas Try it out and see if it really is the best burger ever invented! What is your favourite burger recipe? Source: Daily Mail

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