Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Weight Loss Is Attributed To The Loss Of Father-In-Law

Cheryl Ann Fernandez Versini, seems to be taking weight loss a bit too far. The English recording artist and TV actress was spotted looking slimmer than usual with visibly sunken cheeks.

cheryl fernandez

The cropped photo above shows a fuller faced Cheryl with a healthy glow, compared to her now slim cheek bones and stern expression in recent pics.

Cheryl has openly addressed her weight loss, claiming it could be attributed to the stress and trauma over the recent death of her father-in-law. However, she is not amused that people are judging her decisions, and to her name-callers she says, "it’s not nice". "There are people out there going through similar things to me that feel the same thing, it hurts them."

The X Factor judge has even been backed up by boss, Simon Cowell, claiming she had been sick with a bug.

Regardless of the reason, Cheryl still manages to look stunning in whatever she wears, arriving to her X Factor photo shoot in a long, white tuxedo-style blazer covering a pair of comfy, light, ripped denim jeans and finishing the look with bright red heels.

cheryl fernandez

The 24 year old seems happy in her skin, so who are we to judge. Hopefully she has a good support system to lean on through tough times, and remembers to make her well-being a priority.

h/t: Daily Mail

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