Child's Pose: Stretching Exercise

Child’s Pose is one of the most relaxing, most rejuvenating, and most common stretching exercises in yoga. It is a perfect way to end a tough workout. Child’s Pose releases tension in your lower back, your upper back and your arms. It also relaxes your entire body and allows you a few quiet, peaceful moments of repose and reflection before you take on the rest of your day. To perform Child’s Pose, begin by kneeling on the floor. Lower your butt onto your heels and simultaneously stretch your torso and arms down and forward. Your stomach should be resting on your thighs and your forearms should be on the floor in front of you. Remember, you should always listen to your body. Relax your neck and shoulders and move gently into the stretch. Only go as far down and forward as comfortable. If your butt lifts off your heels when you lean forward, that’s OK. The more you do this stretch, the easier it will be to ease your butt further down. Breathe deeply and slowly. Exhale fully before taking your next breath. You can stay in Child’s Pose as long as you like, but aim for at least one minute. Don’t think about what you have to do today, or tomorrow, just try to be present in the moment. Check out our workouts section for some awesome Yoga stretching for your routine!

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