Why Chocolate Milk Is The Best Thing To Drink Post Workout

Forget protein shakes, scientist have discovered that chocolate milk might be the best thing to drink after you workout. It contains all the nutrients you need to replenish your body after your sweat session. The protein helps the muscles recover and the calories replace those you burned in the workout. Researchers claimed that as long as it was low fat, chocolate milk is "gold standard for a recovery beverage." These findings call into question the popularity of protein shakes. According to Cornell University, however, chocolate milk does just as good a job - if not better. After watching athletes overeat at night to compensate for tough training regimes, researchers began to look for the ideal after workout beverage. They used computer software to develop a formula for the best product and combined it with advice from nutrition specialists in the athletic department. They tried adding omega 3s but it increased the fat content too much, they added sugar but that caused stomach issues.   Clint Wattenberg, the coordinator of sports nutrition at Cornell, said that after a number of experiments, settled on an 8 ounce bottle of chocolate milk. Their modified milk contained 16 grams of protein and 230 calories per bottle compared to a regular bottle that has 8 grams of protein and 160 calories. Wattenberg said that 20 grams of protein is optimal for muscle recovery for an athlete weighing around 140 pounds.

"The composition of low-fat chocolate milk is probably the gold standard for a recovery beverage. We don't have to second-guess where this supplement is coming from," he said.

The beverage, called Big Red Refuel, is now being manufactured by the Cornell on-site dairy and is available on the university campus. What do you think? Bogus science or a miracle discovery that makes the 8 year old in you super happy?

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