Are We Choosing to be Overweight?

Everything we put into our mouth is a choice, so is working out. When we eat junk food, or forego that workout, are we choosing to be overweight and out of shape? We all know what we should and should not be eating in order to be healthy, yet we always seem to give in to temptation and eat way more junk food than we should. Does that mean that we're choosing to be fat? We know our goals, and we know where we want to be, but we’re always sabotaging our progress towards those goals. Why? Is it because we'd rather be fat? Is it because we're afraid of trying too hard and still failing? Jason Seib, author of The Paleo Coach, suggests weighing all the reasons you want to eat better and get healthy, against all the reasons you want to eat whatever tasty morsel it is that is tempting you. He suggests we “install an imaginary balance scale” in our minds and carefully weigh our options prior to giving in. So, next time you're about to reach for that treat, or skip that workout, do a mental pro and con list and make note of what you'll be gaining or losing. Is that extra piece of pie really worth it? Is skipping today's workout to sit and watch TV really going to make you feel better later? Or would you rather skip the pie and workout so that you can have a smoking hot body this summer?

How do you stay on track? What things help you make the choice to be healthy and stay in shape?

Photo By: winnifredxoxo

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