Chris Pratt Lost Belly Fat (And Gained Something Valuable)

Chris Pratt is currently one of Hollywood's golden boys. But it didn't happen overnight. Pratt toiled for years as overweight comic relief. Now, he's slimmed down and is committed to staying in shape. He says, "As an actor, I can't have proper mental prep without proper physical prep. Even though I knew it deep inside, it look me a long time to realize how getting physically sharp helps me get ready for other things in my life." He took the lead in the blockbuster, Jurassic World and in his personal life, he's now doing half Iron Mans! Chris Pratt is proof that getting fit and healthy will not only change the way you look, it will change the way you feel and the way you live! The world is his oyster. It can also be yours! Being healthy physically and mentally makes all tasks possible! Just remember that the next time you're struggling through your last set and thinking of giving up. I know I'll remember! Source: Men's Health

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