Chris Pratt Transformation: From Dadbod to Full On Hollywood Stud

The Dadbod seems to be all the rage these days. If you're not familiar with that new and delightful term, it’s basically when a younger guy looks like a middle-aged father. He may have a beer belly, but he's still got some muscle. Before the Dadbod became the sensation that it is, we knew a funny man that totally owned his Dadbod-dom : Chris Pratt But, of course, that was the old Chris Pratt. Since then, he’s become a major movie star and you know what that means according to Hollywood standards: abs galore. But let’s take a moment to reflect on Chris Pratt’s Dadbod of yore. This is what Chris Pratt looked like with a Dadbod. B2vqcTDCYAAS0Pc B5WtIVhCIAEyrYf BuNcQanIAAAdjAJ Then one day.....Chris Pratt appeared in “Zero Dark Thirty” and got jacked. CDAp-HxUgAA4HYg B3OVJY6CYAEboUm And then he starred in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and got even more ripped. B3cCstNCQAAuHbE CEPx_UoWMAA7IKt Now he's starring in “Jurassic World" - one of the most anticipated come back films of the year. How’s that for a transformation? CDjbf5KW8AAenPt

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