Our Christmas Tradition DIY

Tree Stump Ornaments Back in 1999 and in full renovations to our very 1st home we brought home our Christmas tree. Since my husband had is miter saw out he decided to cut the bottom of the tree as it as uneven, he cut an additional piece and a light bulb went off, he saw a tree stump ornament and thus started a new family tradition. Every year since 1999 my husband and our two kids Dezaray and Jordan would get all bundled up and go to the country and find the perfect Christmas Tree to cut down. One year this event took upwards of 2 hours (brrr) to find just the right tree. Up in the country where we live there was this awesome Christmas tree farm that had a secret fire pit where they sold hot cocoa and donuts under an umbrella of Christmas lite trees, it was truly magical. It was around this time back in 1999, that we decided to commemorate each tree. So we cut off a good piece of the bottom of the tree and wrote the year on it, it ended up being our way of honoring the tree and saying thank you for being our Christmas tree. Once we got each tree home my husband would cut off about an inch of the bottom of the tree and set it aside to dry out before writing the year on it. He would then drill small hole in it so we could add a string to hang it with. (you can shellac them once they are fully dried) This new ornament has become such a wonderful addition to our tree decorating each year. The kids (now 16 and 20) enjoy seeing the collection grow and remember each tree as they hang each specific year. The only year we are missing is 2003, that is the year we had a house fire and the only year we had a fake tree. But that is another story. Merry Christmas everyone, we hope you enjoy this family tradition of ours and incorporate it into your family. IMG_2096                                               IMG_2125 (2)

You can see the various sizes and shapes of Christmas Trees Past.

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