From Chubby Teen To Smokin' 20-Something: A BodyRocker Shares Her Story

It has happened to so many of us. You're a thin child and then all of a sudden puberty hits and you've packed on pounds in places you didn't have them before. It can be really daunting but you can take control, get healthy and live the life you've always wanted, in the body you've always wanted. One BodyRocker did just that! Here's what she had to say:

Let me tell you a bit of my story!

I've always been a skinny child, but when adolescence began I started eating a lot! I always loved to eat, but in this period, I ate much more. My plate was always full, and I had seconds most of the time. When I was 15, I ate junk food every day, chips, gum, sodas. I ate very badly and in addition I never exercised. I hated it.

Then one day I went to buy some pants and I was shocked! I  was already wearing a size 42! I came home and got on the scale, I weighed 70kg. I was only 16 years old and 1.68m tall. It wasn't right! I cried a lot, and decided that I had to change my life! I struggled at first, I had lots of relapses, and I tried a lot of crazy diets. I started running and doing aerobics, and gradually I lost weight until I reached 53kg.

What had happened was that I had lost weight but my body was flaccid and covered with cellulite. It was not pretty, and I was not happy about it. It was then, that in a search on the internet, I found BodyRock.Tv. I was amazed! I wanted it to be me!

At 25 my life has changed! I've changed my eating habits, I eat right and I'm not starving. I was doing the BodyRock workouts every day. Gradually, my body was changing and every week I saw and felt that my body was turning out to be what I always dreamed! Finally my body and my mind were in harmony, and I feel happy!

Today I am 28, I am a vegetarian, and I have the body that I always dreamed of thanks to BodyRock, and I've done it all exclusively at home! Yes, it is possible to have a defined body without the gym! So let me tell you, never give up on your dreams or your goals! And if you are unhappy with your body, do something good for it, but above all, do it for your health! Strive for a healthy mind and a healthy body!


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