The Chuck 2: You Won't Believe Them Until You Try Them

The Chuck Taylor All Star is probably one of the most iconic shoes on the market. More than just a great basketball shoe, since its intro in 1917, Chucks have been worn by rockers and skaters, rappers and pretty much anyone with a bad ass side. Converse went out on a limb when giving this classic an upgrade. At the shoe's launch in Boston over the weekend, company vice president and General Manager of Converse All Star, Richard Copcutt, says that they sought out a lot of feedback about the role of the shoe in the day to day lives of its wearers and found that the majority of interest was improving the feel of the shoe over the look of it. The shoe always looked cool but it was never really the most comfortable but with the launch of The Chuck 2, that has changed. Ben Barna, writing for Nylon, was at the launch. He said the presentation detailed the extensive changes in the shoe but that it wasn't until he tried them on that he really got excited. He said, "I’ve been wearing the Chuck II for three days now—riding my bike in them, walking across New York City in them, writing this article in them. The entire time I've been wearing them, I'm surprisingly conscious of the improvements that Cioffi [Bryan Cioffi, Vice President and Creative Director of Global Footwear] detailed in his presentation. The foam-padded collar and memory foam-padded tongue, the perforated micro-suede lining, and the premium canvas didn’t mean much to me when he laid them all out, but when you wear the shoe, the materials are noticeable. They add up to a shoe that feels more fortified, substantial, and intricate." Cioffi said they were looking for a game changer and that came from technology developed by Converse parent company, Nike. They developed a Lunarlon sockliner that is meant to address the biggest complaint about Chucks -- that they hurt your soles and heels after extensive wear. Now, you can wear them with a built in foamy cushion around your feet. Score! Barna believes that Converse achieved exactly what they set you to accomplish. He says, "When you look down at your feet, you see what looks like a classic Chuck. Yes, the iconic patch is embroidered now instead of painted on, and the overall look is more streamlined, but it’s still instantly recognizable as a Chuck Taylor, which was always Converse’s intention. But it doesn’t feel like a Chuck Taylor—also Converse’s intention." Are you excited for the classic upgrade? I am! Buy Chuck Taylors on Amazon Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_100401" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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