Was that Cindy Crawford Photo Fake?

The Photographer says the leaked photo was a fake

A couple of weeks back Twitter went crazy over an [allegedly] unretouched photo of supermodel Cindy Crawford. BecauseCrawford hadn’t made a statement about it, I was a little skeptical. At the very least, I got the sense that it wasn’t an image she wanted out there, and I also thought it was odd that people were championing the photo as some kind of proof of something. I mean, we all should know by now that celebrities and all people of means have access to the best in skincare, plastic surgery, and photoshopping. I’m just not about looking at unretouched photos and saying, “Oh, cool, that makes me feel better.” We should all be feeling good about our bodies, and even though I know that’s not already, always the case, I don’t think the solution is releasing unretouched celebrity photos—especially when said celebrity doesn’t know about it. As a feminist, there’s something that bugs me about that. So I’m not surprised to hear that this story about Crawford‘s photo isn’t over—and now there’s a potential lawsuit coming. Click inside for more.

TMZ has the story:

Cindy Crawford’s stock in trade is her body and now her people are out for blood, claiming the person who posted this pic (above) severely altered it to make her look bad.

The lawyer for Cindy’s photographer fired off a letter — obtained by TMZ — threatening everyone who posted the pic with a lawsuit if they didn’t take it down and apologize. The lawyer says the original pic was stolen and then doctored to make her midsection look haggard.

The lawyer included a statement from the famous photog, who says he took the pic for Marie Claire Mexico and someone stole it from him and Photoshopped it.

The letter apparently worked … some media outlets are already complying.

Shortly after the altered pic hit the Internet, Cindy’s hubby, Rande Gerber, posted the pic below, showing the real deal.

Of course, there are people saying that THIS photo isn’t proof of anything either—other than that Crawford has a great surgeon. Others claim that this could have been photoshopped too.

And that’s my point—celebrities are not going to be the people to help teach us body positivism. Of course there are always a few exceptions to the rule, but for the most part—no.

What do you guys think? Is the photographer right to sue? Do you think that first photo we saw was a fake?

Source: http://www.pinkisthenewblog.com/2015-03-01/cindy-crawfords-photographer-is-threatening-to-sue-over-that-unretouched-photo#more-1271782

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