Cindy Crawford's New Shoot Will Inspire You to Love the Skin You're In

One of the biggest, baddest and boldest movements currently happening in our world right now when it comes to body image is body positivity. The idea that people are supposed to look a certain way in order to feel or be seen as beautiful leaves out the masses, to say the least. A certain body type, skin color, age, and overall essence of flawlessness has given many people a hopelessness in terms of their own selves; a lurking feeling that they will never be good enough. People are fat shamed, skinny shamed, wrinkle shamed and so much more. But, in a hope to counteract this ongoing nonsense, women everywhere are bringing to light their "flaws," in hopes that we can see them as beautiful as opposed to ugly and wrong. Why should we spend our lives covering up to avoid the inevitable? When it comes to aging, celebrities are often slammed in the media for looking anything less than they did when they were in their seemingly perfect younger years. But Cindy Crawford's newest photoshoot is out to change all that. Embracing a new stage in her modeling career, the gorgeous 49-year-old stuns in a shoot for Porter magazine. And while the neutral and forgiving tones and shapes of the Baja East maxi dress and Eres halter one-piece certainly work in her favor, it's Cindy's attitude that really shines through.
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="849"]Cindy Crawford proves you should love your skin no matter your age. (Photo: Porter Magazine / Pamela Hanson)[/caption]
"In my thirties and even early forties, I could kind of still fake it. But then I started to worry that I was disappointing people, that I wasn't delivering the 'Cindy Crawford' that they expected. But I'm past that now. I can't even smoke-and-mirrors the Cindy from my twenties anymore. And that's okay. What I have to offer now is different, that's all. It's not worse, even though the world may not always agree with you about that. And I'm pretty at peace with it," Cindy said to Porter.
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Cindy Crawford proves you should love your skin no matter your age. (Porter Magazine / Pamela Hanson)[/caption]
Cindy's mantra is nothing short of inspiring, and hopefully helps others to see that aging is beautiful, as is every inch of your skin. What do you think of this model's outlook on body image?
Source: Popsugar

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