Clean Eating 101

Experts say that 80% of our health is dependant on our diet and 20% on exercise/lifestyle. Whatever the case, we know one thing for sure: “You Are What You Eat! Chances are, if you eat like crap, you will feel like crap! You can really feel the difference in your energy levels after eating a pizza versus a fresh, green sprout salad. weight loss belly pudge fat Want to look and feel your best every day? Here are my dietary suggestions for optimal health:
  • Keep it whole, keep it natural, keep it clean! Ditch packaged and processed foods.
  • Labels are for tin cans! There is no one style of eating that is right for everyone their whole lives.
  • Go sugar free! Use naturally sweet fruits or herbs instead.
  • The food you eat should bypass the chemistry lab.
  • Make it from scratch more than not.
  • Eat as locally, seasonally and as much organic as possible.
  • Get to know your farmers!!
  • Upgrade the foods you love (infuse chocolate pudding with avocado and slip some sweet potato into the brownies).
  • If you hate it, don’t eat it. There is always another way.
  • Choose foods with your taste buds, your health and the planet in mind.
  • Enjoy the process. Get your whole family involved, laughing while you cook makes the food taste better
  • Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly.
  • Adapt your diet to the season and weather.
  • Eat your most complex meal for lunch
  • Remember that food not going to be perfect and that’s ok!
  • Skip the microwave… I don’t trust them!
  • Listen to your body after meals, it will give you signs and let you know if what you ate was good for you or not.

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