Clean Eating – No Cooking Chia Seed Jam

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Chia Seed Jam: I have such a sweet tooth & when I need my ‘sugar’ fix I am always looking for new ideas to eat as clean as possible while trying to satisfy my cravings. Knowing what is in your food is the most effective way of loosing & maintaining your weight, it’s also important to fuel your body with foods that support your training & will help you achieve the results you are aiming for – these are foods that have no ‘hidden or extra ingredients – or clean foods as we call them’. This jam is a great alternative to store bought jams. Great with Greek Yogurt or Quark or as an alternative to your current Jam Option. It’s also very important to me to know exactly what’s going into my food ! . Recipe (makes about 2 servings): .
  • A Hand full of raspberries
  • Hand full of blackberries
  • 5 pack of Stevia (Optional – I didn’t add any extra sweetener to mine)
  • 2 tsp of chia seeds
  • Note: Mix it up and try different options… you can even use cocoa powder for all you chocolate lovers out there
. Instructions: .
  • Mash or Blend Chosen Berries
  • Add chia seeds
  • Let it sit a few hours (preferably overnight in the fridge)
  • Serve & Enjoy
  • Note: You can warm this up if required.
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