Why Being 'Close Enough' Is Good Enough, In Fitness And In Life

We live a world where sometimes it seems perfection is the goal, and anything short of that is categorized as failure. We can fail to see ourselves as human beings at times, and push ourselves too hard for those rippling abs or those Photoshop-worthy thighs. It can be both mentally and physically exhausting. Our thoughts can work against us. You would be shocked if the fittest, hardest hitting, most athletic person you knew called themselves 'dumb', 'fat' or 'not good enough'. But somehow you're not surprised when you look in the mirror and call yourself those words. close enough When we get so discouraged that we're not good enough, sometimes we can swing in the completely opposite direction. "Oh I'll never reach my goal weight or get rid of my love handles, I might as well just go at this pizza and ice cream." We self-sabotage because we can't accept the progress we have made. When you look at it in this perspective, we really beat ourselves up don't we? The best way to change our state of mind is to move from focusing on self-improvement to self-acceptance. Imagine waking up and being totally content with yourself. Imagine replacing negative thoughts with thoughts of 'I'm doing great', 'I'm beautiful' and 'I am enough'. It's sounds so simple it's almost silly, but it's actually hard work. Give it a try and see how many bad thoughts you can replace with good ones! What are your secrets to accepting yourself for who you are? Source: ABC

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