The Clothes That Know If You're Working Out

Athos, a San Francisco based company providing high tech fitness gear and technology, has developed clothing that can tell you which muscles you’re using during your workout, and how hard you’re working those muscles. It’s like a personal trainer that you wear (but in a non-creepy sounding way), an example being, if you don’t stick your butt out far enough when doing squats, the program will be able to show you that you’re only working your quad muscles. So how does it work? They used electromyography (EMG) technology from the medical world, so that their program tracks electrical signals sent out by the body when muscles are activated. They’re calling their sensor “the core” and it connects to sensors built into the fabric of the clothes, and then communicates the information to an app on your iPhone. In real time the app will track heart rate, count reps, and provide scores to tell you how hard you worked in whatever activity you’re doing. Basically, it gives you a whole bunch of information that you can use for improving your workout, and it seems like an ideal purchase for professional athletes, trainers, or gym goers who are also big tech fans. They’ll be rolling their product out this fall, so keep an eye out. Athos_tracking-576x1024 Sentient clothes? Sounds kind of like a premise for a really bad sci-fi movie where clothing eventually takes control of the human race and a ragtag band of renegades are forced to fashion their own clothes out of leaves in order to fight back against their clothing overlords. Or it just sounds like a nifty idea.

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